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5. Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong PDL will begin to be built next year

Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong PDL will begin to be built next year. This railway line will cut the journey time to 50 min from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and 15min from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. Also, this project will provide 15000 jobs in the period of construction and operation for Hong Kong. Now the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong PDL is under design and will begin to build in the late of 2009. In 2014 or 2015, this railway line will be finished completely.
Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 1st December 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

The first T train will leave Inner Mongolia this month

News from Hohhot Railway Bureau, train K258/5 and K256/T from Baotou to Ningbo will be improved to Superior Fast train, and the train No. will be changed to train T284/1 and T282/3. Also, the destination is justified to Hangzhou. The train T284 to Hangzhou will leave Baotou for its first journey on 21st December. From 22nd December the T train will completely instead of K train on the railway line from Baotou to Hangzhou. The train T284/1 and T282/3 will be safer, more comfortable and faster. The speed in the way will keep 120km per hour, and the max-speed will reach to 140km per hour. Besides that, the train K274/5/7 and K278/6/3 from Hohhot to Hairlar will extent to Manzhouli.
Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 30th November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Direct Express Train will be added between Hefei and Harbin

Shanghai Railway Bureau announced that all of the train lines will be adjusted from wee hours of Dec 21st. From then on, express train T242/3 and T244/1 will be operated between Hefei, Anhui province and Harbin ,Heilongjiang Province.The whole trip between Hefei and Harbin will be cut to 22 hours 20 minutes. Also taking trains from any cities in Anhui province such as Hefei to northeast of China will become more convenient.
Reported by Mable Chan on 27 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Qiqihar-Harbin intercity railway is under construction

According to the Ministry of Railways, Qiqihar-Harbin intercity railway is under construction now. It will connect Qiqihar, Daqing and Harbin which are important Industrial cities in northeast of China. This high-speed intercity rail line invested 27 billion yuan is the first cooperation between Ministry of Railways and the government of Heilongjiang. Qiqihar-Harbin intercity railway will be 284.74 km and at a speed of 200-250 km per hour. It will cost only 1 hour from Harbin to Qiqihar. This program will be officially begin operating in 2012.
Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 27 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

The transport for recruits and veterans began

The transport for recruits and veterans in 2008 start up today , and railway department have prepared enough tickets and trains for them, learning from report of The Ministry of Railway.According to survey,Railway department continue to carry out Four Ahead principasl this year.This four principals which contain booking tickets ahead ,luggage consighing ahead, enter and exist checking counter ahead and transit shipment ahead provide more conveinient conditions to recruits and veterans, and make sure the soliders could board trains with original tickets and seats on their trip. Retired veteran also could get discount when they have dinner on restaurant car. Each Railway bureau all of China has established leadership team to make particularity and careful plan to deal with emergency .
Reported by Mable Chan on 26 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

A new railway will be built in western China

China says it will spend about $17.6 billion for a second rail link to northwestern Xinjiang Uighur, its major coal production region near Tibet.
Construction on the passenger rail link project is expected to begin next year, with finances coming from the federal and local governments and other sources, Xinhua reported Tuesday.
The rail line will go through Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces and will facilitate the transport of agricultural products and coal, relieving congestion on the existing 1,175-mile line from Gansu's capital Lanzhou to Xinjiang.
When the project is completed, the existing railway will become a cargo line, the report said.
Xinjiang province with total estimated coal reserves of up to 2.19 trillion tons accounts for 40.5 percent of China's total coal reserves. The province is near Mongolia to the east, Russia to the north and Pakistan and India to the west.

Reported by Mable Chan on 26 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

Shanghai Railway Bureau: 140 billion RMB investment in railway construction

Shanghai Railway Bureau: 140 billion RMB investment in railway construction
In line with the spirit of expanding domestic demand and promoting the economics growth, the Shanghai Railway Administration decided to invest more than 140 billion RMB for railway construction before 2012, which is to say they need to invest one hundred million per day. In this context, a large-scale electronic information display which will cover 300 square meters was built by the Shanghai Railway Station.
It is reported that the display construction began in October this year, and it will be put into use in Spring Festival in 2009; will be structured as a national structure of the commercial Internet information network in early 2009 which makes Shanghai Railway Station to be the center and 12 other around railway stations as basic points.
In two or three years later, the Yangtze River Delta fast transport network, such as Shanghai-Nanjing, Hangzhou-Ningbo and Nanjing-Hangzhou, will have a new beginning.

Reported by Yongqiang Zhen on 26 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

Strengthen the railway construction

Yanyong Wang, who is the director of the tourism management department from Beijing Jiaotong University, aiming to the plan of people’s leisure, said that, now our nation is taking measures to expand domestic demands, and to promote economic further, and these measures are in correspond with the plan. Especially the decision of constructing rail trunk line in western China and airport in middle and west of China influences Chinese tourism directly, because it’s very important for the sightseeing tour with convenient traffic.
We will keep an eye on that and will let you know the latest news.

Reported by May Wang on 26 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

Beijing- Tianjin Intercity train is World's fastest railway

The self-developed Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, the world's fastest, has been running soundly and efficiently since its August 1 debut. It has been running at a speed of 350 km per hour. It just takes 0.5 hour for single trip. The on-time performance rate achieved was 98 percent. And the trains leaves Beijing and Tianjin every 30 minutes, so tickets are easy to get. According to the count from Ministry of Railways, passengers on the service reached to more than 1 million for month.

Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 25 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

The new policy for issuing date of train tickets in China

The issuing date of train tickets is shorten to 5 days before departure. The tickets of C train, D train and Z train still can be purchased 10 days in advance. This period is from 25th November to 20th December.

Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 24 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

China Train Real Time Report

China Train Real Time Report:
By: Yang Yang
Date: 25h Nov, 2008
The Taken Train No: Z10 Hangzhou-Beijing
Duration: 12 hours
Highlights: Reading Light, air condition & volume indoor controller. Service is quite good.
Rank: *****

On 22 Nov 2008 I took train Z10 from Hangzhou to Beijing. Z train connects 2 important cities like Beijing and Hangzhou, which only takes one night (around 10-13 hours). We boarded the train at 18:00, and arrived Beijing next morning 7:00 AM. Train Z10 runs almost 1200km within 12 hours, non-stopping. All the facilities are designed with care to people and full of human basis. Also the attendant’s service is quite good. I took soft sleeper which is 4 berths in one compartment. The door of the compartment gives me privacy and quiet environment. Door can be locked from inside and I found a big mirror behind the door. All the noisy can be banned outside the compartment. White and clean sheet and 2 soft pillows give me confident to have a good dream on the swaying train. The air-conditioner, reading lights and radio’s volume can be controlled in side. Reading light for every berth is light enough and can not disturb others. There are free slipper for every passengers which quality is better than what other Z train’s. There are 2 outlets at the both ends of the car. The most improved are the toilet and washing room which are clean, neat and with toilet paper, coat hanger, washbasin inside. No. 10 carriage is the restaurant. Only Chinese dishes can be provided. 50RMB for one person will be enough for a 2 dish simple dinner, also with beer or soft drink. English reminding appeared everywhere. So the train is worth to take from Hangzhou to Beijing or Beijing to Hangzhou.

Reported by Ms. Yang Yang on 24 November 2008 from www.chinatraintickets.net

China Multiple Units (China Bullet Train) with sleeping car may be opened in Dec 2008

25 November 2008 By news paper of Youth Daily of Shanghai that the Multiple Unit or we call China Bullet Train will have sleeping car! Reporters yesterday learned that the rail system has planed to open the Multiple Unit with sleeping car between Beijing and shanghai for the first time, and the train may be operated next month.
In spite of not determining the ticket price and the time, this kind of train would be popular among the tourists, especially the business tourists, because it would faster and the seat would be more comfortable.
The national railway improved the train’s speed on 18th, April last year, Multiple Unit was used then, and this kind of rail only has soft seat. For the tourists whose travel distance is near or a little bit far, it’s no problem. However, for the tourists who go to Beijing or Qingdao from shanghai, it’s still a little tired for them to be seated in the train for nearly ten hours. Hence, the rail department prepared for opening the Multiple Unit with soft sleeper optimistically.
Recently reporter knows that the rail department has planed to open the Multiple Unit with sleeping car between Beijing and shanghai .Although it’s not sure about the exact time, initial plan is that the train sets up at Beijing and shanghai at the same time about 21:45 everyday, and it would arrive at nearly 7:00am next morning.
Now, there are two express air-conditioned trains and five direct trains and one general express and one temporary train except for one Multiple Unit with soft sleeper from shanghai to Beijing.
Among these ten trains, the train with “T” which takes 13 hours and the train with “Z” which takes 11 and a half hours are the travelers’ favorite, because these trains set up in the evening and arrive in the morning.
Besides, it will shunt travelers from the Civil Aviation deeply after the opening of the bullet train sleeping car between Beijing and Shanghai.
As an important business route, the air ticket price of the Beijing to Shanghai route basically maintains at 60%-70% discounts, even if the airline company gives low price ticket, it comes to 600-700 RMB which contains the fuel surcharges and airport construction fees, but not including the taxi cost from airport to city round trip. Compared to the train, taking air takes travelers lots of time to the airport and higher cost.
Therefore, the business travelers will have another choice of traveling easily and comfortably after the opening of the high-speed bullet train with sleeping car between Beijing and shanghai.
This morning , reporter confirmed from Beijing station that the Multiple Unit on the Beijing-Shanghai、Beijing-Hangzhou line is supposed to add sleeping car, but the exact time and price are still not determined.
It was said by a person in charge in Beijing station that, there has been only soft seats in the Multiple Unit from its operation. It’s really tired to take ten hours in the train for the travelers from shanghai to Beijing.
Now, however, it is not sure that whether it just adds sleeping car to the original train style or designs new style. Also,it has not determined the running time、the departure station in Beijing and the ticket price. We will keep an eye on that and will let you know the latest news.

Reported by Ms. May Wang on 25 November 2008 from http://www.chinatraintickets.net/

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